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Thursday 24 September 2020

Colorobbia Portugal was incorporated in 1986 given that the Gruppo Colorobbia had already been present in Portugal since 1974 via the activity of its representative.

The growing production of the flooring and cladding sector of the ceramic industry in the 80s decade led the Gruppo Colorobbia to adopt a new position which involved the incorporation of Colorobbia Portugal.

Colorobbia Portugal

The success of the Gruppo Colorobbia in this industrial sector - besides the required technological support, service, innovation and product development - is also supported by a strategy that entails creating real-time added value for the products marketed by our customers.


Gruppo Colorobbia

Colorobbia Portugal is made up of a group of people who form a team, working to pursue goals set by management, as well as goals that arise from the constant challenges of the marketplace.

  • Graphic and technical support
  • Production of enamels suitable for the market
  • Immediate logistic response

Colorobbia Cinks

Gruppo Colorobbia

Like other similar units that are part of the Gruppo Colorobbia, Colorobbia Portugal has the technological means required to carry out the appropriate and rigorous testing of the Raw Materials it uses in the manufacturing process, as well as on the products it sells.

Gruppo Colorobbia

Colorobbia Portugal has always given great importance to its environmental policy and the protection of resources and the surrounding natural environment.

Gruppo Colorobbia

Colorobbia Portugal meets its commitment to ensure the necessary conditions for preventing the risks inherent in its professional activity and for promoting the health of its employees.