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Thursday 24 September 2020

The Gruppo Colorobbia based in Italy, at Sovigliana Vinci ( Florence ) has been one of the world leading players since 1921 in the development of quality and competitive output in the raw materials used in the ceramic industry.
The success of the Gruppo Colorobbia in this industrial sector - besides the required technological support, service, innovation and product development - is also supported by a strategy that entails creating real-time added value for the products marketed by our customers.
In this unit we offer the market :
  • PRECIOUS METALS - for the ceramic decoration and porcelains
  • ENAMELS - for metal surfaces
  • ENAMELS - for kitchen and bathroom ware
  • PAINT - for glass decoration
  • TECHNICAL CERAMICS - spheres and claddings for Alsing and continuous mills

Colorobbia Portugal

In order to realize this strategy and like others, in 1986 Colorobbia Portugal was created in the municipality of Anadia-Aveiro.

Colorobbia Portugal is made up of a group of people who form a team, working to pursue goals set by management, as well as goals that arise from the constant challenges of the marketplace.

From marketing to production, from Technical and Commercial Support to the development of specific products for the Portuguese market, the efficiency and creativity of our human resources contributes to the fact that the Gruppo Colorobbia is an indisputable leader in the Raw Materials industry within the different sectors in which it operates.

  • Graphic and technical support
  • Production of enamels suitable for the market
  • Immediate logistic response